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  • 600+ Industry Attendees

    From 250+ Companies over 20+ Countries Worldwide

  • 50+ Eminent Speakers

    Including 32+ Global Industrial Brands Buyer and 18+ Solution Providers

  • 10+ Feature Activities

    Keynotes, Breakout Sessions, Panel Discussions, Exhibition, Cocktail Party, Networking Coffee Break, One-to-One Meeting, Video Interviews, Video Showcase, Press Releases...which could help the attandences to completely benefit from our event.

  • 80+ Leading Association Partners

    Which Are China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing, Asia Council of Supply Chain, The European Supply Chain Forum,Sina, China Daily, etc.





  •                                 Conference Day One-Morning (25th May)

    08:50-09:00 Chairperson Opening Address and Three Minutes Speed Networking

    Innovation Session I: Future Logistics

    09:00-09:30 Logistics, International Trade, and the New Global Economy

    09:30-09:55 The Key Trends Transforming Logistics Industry Through Next Five Years

    09:55-10:20 Exploring the Future Logistics Landscape


    Innovation Session II: China Focus

    10:45-11:10 The Policy Guidelines and Mechanism Innovation for the Development of China Logistics Industry

    11:10-11:35 How China E-commerce is Shaping and Revolutionizing the Logistics Industry

    11:35-12:00 China E-commerce Intelligent Logistics: Process. People. Technology

    12:00-12:30 Panel Discussion: Logistics Trends and China’s Grand Initiatives

    12:30-14:00 Networking Lunch & Exhibition Visit 

  •                                 Conference Day One-Afternoon (25th May)

    Innovation Session III:Logistics Business Model Innovation

    14:00-14:25 The Blockchain Application in Logistics

    14:25-14:50 Project Showcase: Logistics “Cross-Industry Innovation” 

    14:50-15:15 Case Study: Intelligent Logistics Network Achieves Excellent Customer Experience

    15:15-15:40 Logistics Innovation Showcase: Internet+Logistics


    16:05-16:30 “Uberisation” of (e-Commerce)Last-mile Logistics Management

    16:30-16:55 3PL & 4PL

    16:55-17:20 Panel Discussion: What’s next? Discover the next Eye of a Storm for Logistics Industry

    18:00-20:00 Cocktail Party (Exclusive Sponsor Opportunity)

  •                                 Conference Day Two-Morning (26th May)

    08:30-08:55 Morning Refreshments

    08:55-09:00 Chairperson Opening Address

    Innovation Session IV: Digital Logistics Innovation

    09:00-09:30 Digitally Transforming Logistics in the Industrial Value Chain

    09:30-09:55 Co-Presentation: From Concept to Reality-Designing Logistics Strategies to Conquer the Digital Age

    09:55-10:20 IoT Application in the Construction of Smart Logistics


    10:45-11:10 Big Data Analysis: Envision the Future of Logistics

    11:10-11:35 Big Data & E-commerce Wisdom logistics

    Innovation Session V: Omni-channel Retailing & Logistics

    11:35-12:00 How Omni-channel retailing is transforming logistics

    12:00-12:30 Inventory Intelligence: The Key to Unlocking Omni-channel Retailing

    12:30-14:00 Networking Lunch & Exhibition Visit 

  •                                 Conference Day Two-Afternoon (26th May)

    Innovation Session VI: Technology and Equipment Innovation

    14:00-14:25 Intelligent Logistics: The Path to Deliver Profitable Growth and Differentiated Performance 

    14:25-14:50  Robotics Join the Logistics-A New Form of Collaboration

    14:50-15:15 Logistics Innovative Technology and Equipment Showcase


    15:40-16:05 Logistics Innovative Technology and Equipment Showcase

    16:05-16:30 Looking Forward: What Are The Applications For Wearable Technology Such As Google Glasses In The Logistics Sector?

    16:30-16:55 Chairman Close Remark and End of Conference