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  • 600+ Industry Attendees

    From 250+ Companies over 20+ Countries Worldwide

  • 50+ Eminent Speakers

    Including 32+ Global Industrial Brands Buyer and 18+ Solution Providers

  • 10+ Feature Activities

    Keynotes, Breakout Sessions, Panel Discussions, Exhibition, Cocktail Party, Networking Coffee Break, One-to-One Meeting, Video Interviews, Video Showcase, Press Releases...which could help the attandences to completely benefit from our event.

  • 80+ Leading Association Partners

    Which Are China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing, Asia Council of Supply Chain, The European Supply Chain Forum,Sina, China Daily, etc.





  •                                    Conference Day One-Morning (24th May)

                                          Session One: Logistics Policies & Trends

    08:30 Chairperson’s Opening Address

    08:40 Supply-side Structural Reform of China’s Logistics Heading in New Direction after “the 19th National Congress of Communist Party of China”

    09:00 New Policies, New Challenges and New Opportunities for China’s Logistics Industry

    09:20 Logistics Supports ‘Made in China 2025’ Plan

    09:40 Analysis of Trends in Global and National Logistics Development

    10:00 Awarding Ceremony: Innovative Product Awards on China’s Smart Logistics


                    Session Two: The Best Business Innovation and Practice in Logistics

    10:30 How Smart Logistics Driven by Big Data Helps to Reduce Invntory for Traditional Industry?

    10:50 “Cross-border E-commerce and Internationalization of Logisitics in the Context of “The Belt and Road”

    11:10 Innovation in Transport Logistics

    11:30 “The Integration of Online and Offline” as New Model to 3PLs

    11:50 CEO Dialogue: How to Accelerate the Process of Cost Reduction and Effiency Improvement of Logistics Industry?

    12:30 Networking Lunch & Exhibition Visit 

  •                                   Conference Day One-Afternoon (24th May)

                                Session Three: The Internet Plus and Smart Logistics

    14:00 How Manufaturers and Trading Companies Reduces Logisitics Costs by Using the Internet Plus Information Technology

    14:20 Truck Broker – Create a New and Integrated Business Model for Logistics

    14:40 Warehouse Integration as the New Logistics Operational Model

    15:00 Manufacturing Industry Driven by Logistics Cloud Platform Achieves Multiple Types of Warehousing Lean Management

    15:20 O2O Platform Facilitates Freight Logistics to Upgrade and Improve Efficiency


    16:00 Customer Demands Featuring Diversification, Randomization and Fragmentation on the Last Mile Service Innovation

                                               Session Four: Logistics Finance

    16:20 Block Chain and E-contract Applied in Logistics Finance

    16:40 The Investment Vent of Logistics Finance towards the Trend of Smart Logistics

    17:00 Financial Capital Contributes to Building Logistics Infrastructure

    17:20 Panel Discussion: How Financial Capital Promotes China’s Logistics Development?

    18:00 Cocktail Party (Exclusive Sponsor Opportunity)

  •                                    Conference Day Two-Morning (25th May)

               Session Five: Standardization and Informationization of Modern Logistics

    09:00 The Standardization of Logistics Improves the Industiral Effiency

    09:20 Shared Logistics Based on the Technology of Internet of Things

    09:40 The Integration of “Business Flow”, “Logistics”, “Information Flow” and “Cash Flow” for E-commerce under New Retail

    10:00 Cloud Computing SaaS Based Logistics Informationization Construction


    10:35 The Internet Warehousing Service Platform + Cloud Applications + Offline Services

                                           Session Six: Overseas Logistics Session

    10:55 Showcase German Modern Logistics Equipment and Models

    11:15 America and Japan Sharing Advanced Logistics Technology and Models

    11:35 Panel Discussion: Opportunities for Internationalization of Logisitics Enterprises in the Context of the Belt and Road

    12:30 Networking Lunch & Exhibition Visit

  •                                          Conference Day Two-Afternoon (25th May)


                                                   Session Seven: Cool Technology for Logistics

    14:00 Unmanned Ariel Vehicle and Driverless Vehicles

    14:25 New Technology Applications Allow the Ideas of “Unattended Warehouse” into Reality

    14:50 The Third Generation of Logistics Robots


                                               Session Eight:Green Logistics

    15:30 Green Logistics Starts from Packaging

    15:55 Logistics Distribution Terminal Achieved in Terms of Energy Saving and Environmental Protection

    16:20 Site Tour